Köhl et Feling supports operation for ”walk-through heart”

A very special date at the end of 2018 really warmed our hearts. We greatly admire the work of the “Kinderakademie” (Children's Academy) in Fulda and especially their “walk-through heart”, so we decided to donate €1,000 towards the renewal of the computer control system.

Therefore, we travelled to Fulda for our photo date bearing a pirate’s chest filled with chocolate coins, instead of the usual symbolic cheque. The “walk-through heart” is the only exhibit of its kind in Europe. The five metre high model of a real heart was created in 1994 in cooperation with the German Hygiene Museum (DHMD) in Dresden as a fun way to explain to children and adults how the heart works. Visitors clamber through the four chambers of the heart in the same direction as the blood flows, accompanied by the rhythmic sound of blood circulating. That gives them a physical experience of the heart, Sadly, the computer that controls the light and sound demonstrating the heart rhythm and pumping action was no longer working and needed to be completely renewed.

The model provides an emotional experience that helps children and adults understand how important it is to listen to their heart and protect it. We are therefore delighted that the “walk-through heart” is now beating again so visitors of all ages can benefit from it.

Ideas focused on linking knowledge - the motto of Köhl et Feling - are particularly close to our heart.

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