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Making complex worlds understandable.

Köhl et Feling has worked with the Communications department at Infraserv Höchst for many years. Infraserv operates Höchst Industrial Park in Frankfurt, Germany. More than 90 companies produce and research at Höchst Industrial Park. Their success is driven by the people whose day-to-day work focuses on progress and innovation for our daily lives.

The challenge for us is to present the complexity of this large chemical and pharmaceutical production location in a way that is interesting and understandable.

For example, one important project is regularly updating the extensive brochure outlining the services offered by Infraserv Höchst. We write articles for Infraserv Höchst’s employee magazine. We were recently involved in completely redesigning this brochure, including writing the texts for a range of new content. Magazine-style articles and a modern layout based on the corporate design of Höchst Industrial Park have created a site brochure that encourages people to find out more about the world of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Concept development, design/layout, copywriting, editing

We have also developed a visitor concept and media for the site's 150th anniversary (brochures for sponsors, a brief anniversary film) and a good deal more.

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