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Employer Branding - Attracting talented employees.

These days companies face enormous competition to recruit future employees. Employer branding is crucial to set the right tone with both the younger generation and experienced specialists. Umicore AG & Co. KG in Germany, a subsidiary of the global material technology and recycling group Umicore, asked Köhl et Feling to optimise its careers website to help it attract talented new employees.

Umicore now has a lively, open and clearly structured careers site. Best practice examples and texts geared specifically at the target group give prospective employees an insight into day-to-day work in the Umicore group.

Customising - a step beyond a briefing

What should the new careers site look like? What is particularly important to HR and communications staff? As the first step to designing a fully customised project, at the client’s request we organised a strategy workshop. That was a step beyond the normal briefing process. The success of the new careers site reflects this intensive and personalised collaboration with our client.

Concept, navigation, copywriting, editing, project management

We also write short articles and specialist press releases for Umicore AG & Co. KG in Germany.

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