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a sharper profile.

B2B communication is not simply about providing specialist information and presenting products. Successfully building an image is equally important.

For LUMITOS, which provides market-leading B2B portals and newsletters for the chemical, life science, laboratory, pharmaceuticals, analytical and food & beverage sectors, we make sure that every press release and every text highlights the expertise behind the company’s services. In short, we are the “profile-builder” and knowledge-linker.

We are delighted that our long-standing relationship means we can accompany this company in its exciting transition from CHEMIE.DE to LUMITOS and play a part in repositioning it.

A stronger presence

Right now, LUMITOS is driving forward the digital transformation by organizing virtual trade fairs such as the virtual lab show, the virtual process show and analytica virtual.

Building on its online marketing expertise, the company has rapidly built a format that brings the sector together despite the pandemic. We supported this innovative new approach with coordinated PR work, including placing an article in a major business journal.

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