Infraserv Höchst

Children's books

Awakening enthusiasm, encouraging knowledge.

What do Mummy and Daddy do at work? To answer that, Infraserv Höchst has published a book aimed specifically at children. Lufti, a little green balloon, takes a trip through Höchst Industrial Park and explains many of the jobs there in an entertaining way that appeals to children. This book, which is aimed at children aged three to six, was so successful, that it was followed two years later by sequel for primary school children. Published in conjunction with Societätsverlag Frankfurt, it is a fascinating story of the products manufactured at the industrial park, packed full of facts about the chemical industry.

We were gripped by this very special project from the start: from the initial ideas, though writing the stories to the enchanting hand-drawn illustrations produced by our art director and illustrator Michaela Kramer.

Concept, editorial work and copywriting, illustrations, book design, project and production management

We produce the site brochure for Infraserv Höchst and write articles for its employee magazine. We have also developed a visitor concept and media for the site's 150th anniversary (brochures for sponsors, a brief anniversary film) and a good deal more.

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