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Linking knowledge – New ways of communicating in the coronavirus pandemic

January 22, 2021, Bad Soden – In a very short time, the coronavirus has changed how we live and communicate. Every day, we learn more about this new epidemic from the media – and in Germany, “coronavirus pandemic” was even chosen as the term of the year 2020. At the same time, scientific communication has become more important. How has your company kept up communication over the past year? For us, 2020 was a particularly dynamic year – thanks to our clients, who turned everything upside down almost overnight! Professional communication is extremely important when times are bad. In March/April 2020, many established ways of communicating and sharing knowledge suddenly became unavailable: no trade shows, events, meetings, visits to clients. Following the initial state of shock at the start of the lockdown in the spring, many companies and freelancers found themselves more or less forced to switch to different methods of communication. Despite the seriousness of the pandemic from an economic and health perspective, it has opened up opportunities. And as a communication agency, we're right at the heart, together with our partners and customers. Professionally, 2020 was therefore one of the most exciting years since we set up our business in 2006. Our experience last year showed how successfully companies coped with the situation. By using new digital formats to share knowledge internally and externally, they were not simply able to maintain existing B2B and B2C contacts; they actually reached a wider audience and extended their range. Thanks to webinars, online magazines, podcasts, online marketing and virtual trade shows, companies networked with established clients, gained new customers and raised media interest in many topics. Working from home in many cases, our customers’ staff organised digital meetings with lively and creative workshops and brainstorming sessions, often attracting more than 100 enthusiastic participants and even instilling the right spirit for change processes. They posted best practice examples of digital projects on their websites and ran articles featuring products helping out in the pandemic. Alongside content marketing and media relations, they turned their attention to in-house magazines and internal podcasts to keep in touch with employees. And where it made sense, content was reused multiple times! A targeted content strategy and communication concept The basis for all these activities is a content strategy and communication concept geared to the various target groups – naturally supported by internal content management to bundle knowledge and topics. If you're still wondering which topics you could use for content marketing and PR work, why not let us help you examine the options. Every company has good stories – they just have to be selected, packaged effectively and distributed via modern digital tools. ... Interested? If you'd like to inject new life into your content marketing, PR work or internal communications, just contact us: Köhl et Feling will be happy to help you link your knowledge – using ideas that really work! YES, I’VE GOT A STORY WAITING TO BE TOLD!

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