Long live storytelling!

What are the latest trends in content marketing? How do companies get hold of worthwhile content? What role do new software tools play and what about the scalability of content marketing? Keen to get new ideas and find out about the latest trends and best practices, in mid-March we headed for CMCX in Munich, Europe's largest content marketing conference and exhibition. Our trip to this two-day event was rewarded by inspiring presentations, a super overview of the content marketing landscape, and insights that confirmed our approach. A good story is the lifeblood of good content!

The speakers all agreed: the best way to win customers is to develop good stories that are apt, appealing and entertaining and speak to them on their level. From native advertising, where well-written editorials are currently enjoying a renaissance according to Coskun Tuna of Seeding Alliance, to classic online marketing, podcasts and videos – these days companies need high-quality content and an awareness of their target group in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

So how do companies get hold of good content? As well as working hard to get in-house stakeholders on board, they need good copywriters with creative ideas who can turn even the driest and most complex subject matter into easily digestible content. Linde gave an impressive overview of its approach – based on the motto “be brave, keep at it and turn internal sceptics into allies”. That's worthwhile, because content marketing is set to become far more important compared with conventional sales and marketing according to Philipp Moder of PHOCUS DC.

Not all companies can put together in-house teams to drum up good content and combine it with the right storytelling methods – and that's precisely where Köhl et Feling is happy to help!

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